The Team

Michael Gregg Ph.D
In his 35-year career, Michael has focused on Talent Management, linking executive assessment, development and coaching to organizational strategy.  Working around the globe he has served virtually every industry in Europe, USA, Asia, the Middle East and Australia by building leadership pipelines that underpin success and unleash executive potential.  He has recently returned from Kuwait where he has been working with the Arab Leadership Academy to identify and develop 250 leaders charged by the Emir to return Kuwait to it’s former position of business leader in the Gulf.  
Michael’s work is based on ensuring that organizations have executives in place who can meet the critical business challenges that face them both now and in the foreseeable future.  An innovator and a thought leader in the field, his early publications in the 1980’s (Selection & Assessment : A New Appraisal, Pitman 1989) predicted the increasing use of Assessment Centre technology to identify and develop executive talent.  Now, as we move towards 2020 he is focused on fostering creative and innovative executive talent in business.  Michael is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

James Gregg MBA
Managing Partner
James is a Business Psychologist who divides his time between his role in running the JMG operations, with regular client work.  He has a passion for the business and the extraordinary client work that we do. Working closely with the other members of JMG’s leadership team, James is an important representative of the next generation of emerging leaders. 
Since the inception of JMG, James has been a leading innovator and has been responsible for breakthrough consulting in our utilization of new technology, leading our global network and developing Assessment Centers for a new generation of leadership.  He is also responsible for key account management, bespoke projects and resourcing within JMG. James is a rising star, and has already contributed much to thought leadership - including Assessment Centre design.  Amongst the international clients who have benefited from James’ work are Saudi Electricity Company, Thukhur, Arab Leadership Academy, Merck and Taurus.  James also holds the following professional certifications Assistant Test User, Test User Occupational Ability and Test User Occupational Personality.

Jonathan Clark
Managing Partner
Having worked in business development for the majority of his career, Jon has gained an in-depth understanding of how to develop large scale, strategic solutions that mirror customer needs and business drivers.  The variety and industry background of his clients has given him exposure to all facets of sales practice and process, equipping him to deal with the most demanding situations. 
His strong business development and relationship management skills coupled with a proven sales track record in the managed service outsource market make Jon a vital part of the JMG team.  He is both practical and pragmatic, with extensive board level experience working with a diverse range of stakeholders across both public and private sectors.  His focus at JMG is on orchestrating resources to secure significant sales opportunities, manage global clients and achieve commercial profits.

Dick Ayling
Head of International Consulting
For over 20 years Dick has been involved in senior level coaching and development engagements across a wide range of multi-national organisations.  He has provided direct support to main Board Members at Companies as diverse as Sanofi-Aventis, General Motors and SAP, and worked with audiences in East and Western Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, with a particular focus on China. 
His incisive approach and long-term exposure to economies and executives across the Globe, particularly in the emerging markets in Asia and Eastern Europe, have made him a valued partner and advisor to senior executives around the world.

Cris Beswick
Strategic Advisor on Corporate Innovation
Cris is an author, speaker, thought leader and strategic advisor on innovation. Specialising in working with senior teams on the strategy, leadership and culture required for innovation, Cris’ thought-leadership, unique frameworks and proven methodologies enable clients to build structured approaches to innovation in order to create pragmatic, impactful and organisation-wide strategies for driving differentiation and growth. 
As one of the UK’s leading thinkers on innovation Cris sits on think-tanks for both public and private sector organisations, furthermore he is an executive faculty member at Henley Business School. Unlike many experts in the field of innovation, Cris knows exactly what it’s like to wear the CEOs shoes and can talk to leaders about what it really takes to create innovative and exceptional organisations. His track record of business success epitomises the importance of ensuring that differentiation and innovation are weaved into the very core of an organisation that he works with.

Ravi Khanna
Senior Executive Consultant - Uk / Europe
Ravi is a proven leadership consultant and executive coach, accredited by the ICF. His ability to support leaders and leadership teams develop their leadership craft has made him a trusted advisor to C-suite directors and senior leaders of multinational businesses in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Ravi has a rare ability to build rapport with individuals at all levels, and uses this to create the trust needed to challenge people to become the type of leaders their businesses need them to be. Ravi has also contributed to a series of organisational development programmes, enabling businesses to develop the type of operating culture within which strategy is more likely to take root and turn into action.

Horst Dammer
Senior Executive Consultant - Germany
As head of our business in Germany, he has been supporting SMU and DAX companies with Talent Management for more than 20 years. He is key to our business in central Europe, serving the needs of our global clients.
With a keen focus on realization, Horst is truly committed to stakeholder engagement and is committed to using HR initiatives as significant tools to drive success in organizations. He has implemented programs and systems to identify and develop more than 10,000 leaders. In addition to JMG, Horst is Chairman of the supervisory board at the Vexon AG in Munich.

Above is a selection of the core JMG Team.  For full biographies and information on our other team members please visit the resource centre.

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