What We Do

Our approach is to work with business leaders and high potential talents, to provide the right environment for them to experience, decide and plan for their own great leadership journeys. From whatever level they may be, we support our clients in the creation of a robust leadership pipeline that supports the business strategies of today and the future.


The rules of business leadership have changed and JMG believes that the time has come to look at leadership with these changes in mind. New priorities require new cultures to support and drive innovation, entrepreneurialism and managing risk effectively. For so many years, the subject of great leadership has been talked about as important, and yet it's still out of reach for many. JMG believes that to identify and develop great leaders in 2014 is a key business imperative. This imperative will place even greater demands on HR. The traditional blend of theory and training will always play an important role, but will increasingly need to be enhanced with real life action, feedback and coaching - putting leadership into action.


Talent Management

We work with organisations on all aspects of the talent management process - from key selection decisions, through succession planning to strategy execution.  For example:


•  Clarifying the most critical business issues that drive leadership requirements

•  Identifying high potential executives and leaders

•  Constructing success profiles

•  Assessing individual and group strengths and development needs

•  Planning effective development activities and coaching

•  Measure and assess leadership performance


Selection and Assessment

Our expert consultants partner with our clients in:
•  Selection system design

•  Competency profiling

•  Behavioural interviewing

•  Ability and aptitude tests

•  Personality profiling

•  Conducting ROI studies



We work with many organisations on the management and deployment of advanced coaching techniques and practices for their employees.  This includes the following:


•  Executive Coaching

•  Leadership Development

•  Board Coaching

•  High Potential Coaching


Training and Development

We develop leaders and  managers who can deliver the goods. Our modular programs and extended learning journeys help clients plan all kinds of programs, from core management skills through to more advanced, life-changing executive and leadership experiences. Our solutions ensure individuals reach their full potential at all levels and include:

•  Embracing the Challenge of Leadership

•  Leading Through Change

•  Building a Culture of High Performance

•  Building a Coaching Culture

•  Leaders - Resolving Conflict

•  Advanced Emotional Intelligence

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