JMG is extremely proud to announce its partnership with PCL to be able to offer clients cutting edge Psychometric solutions.  

Since 1992 PCL has worked with organisations to deliver assessment solutions for selection, personal development, team building, leadership development and employee engagement. This new offering combined with the expertise of JMG consultants will provided clients with the scientific underpinning needed for all their selection and development needs.  See below for more information on the range of Psychometrics available.

The Risk-Type Compass provides a unique grasp on human factor risk issues. Identifying individuals as one of eight Risk Types, it offers a typology and vocabulary that facilitates risk planning, research and discussion about risk tolerance, the suitability of Risk Types for risk related roles and, within the investment domain, allows portfolio management to achieve higher levels of risk suitability for clients.

PROFILE:MATCH makes the link between personality and performance; focusing on the aspects of personality that are critical to competence and success in any role.  PROFILE:MATCH was designed to exploit all the benefits of psychometric personality assessment within the context of the internet; its power, its accessibility and its global reach. It does what all good personality assessments do, but then takes the process to the next level; going beyond personality assessment to address job competencies.

Reports are tailored for each role and to each stage in the employee 'life cycle'; from one page Sifting Reports through to leadership level 360° appraisals - all based on one consistent set of metrics.

ATH - 1 Employee integrity impacts on work colleagues, customers and the organisation. The statistics on the impact of employee dishonesty make alarming reading for any employer. In small businesses especially, one wayward member of staff can jeopardise the whole enterprise. However, assessment of integrity cannot be a straightforward issue. Psychometric assessment is based on probability and can never categorise people with absolute certainty. A proportion of people assessed will always buck the general trend and, in the case of honesty assessments, where the implications are highly sensitive, this presents a special problem.

PCL has published a series of three online tests that assess candidate ability across three key domains; Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability and Practical Reasoning Ability. Developed over a four year programme of industry-based research, the test were originally published in 2006 and have been validated against academic achievement and training success, and monitored for adverse impact over the following years. The tests were designed from the outset for online unproctored administration and address the issue of uncertainty about who actually completed the test (the original 'verify' process now widely adopted). Each candidate report includes a short 'Check Test' pitched at the difficulty level achieved by the online administration. This is used to verify the online performance of those advancing in the selection process to short list or interview. Candidate awareness of this verification process has been shown to reduce the incidence of 'fake' completions and to be effective in identifying 'inflated' test scores.

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