About JMG Consulting

When we came together in 2008 the business world around us was changing on a daily basis but in our view the area of leadership and talent development had remaining static for too long.  The marketplace was full of solutions that simply didn’t give organisations and individuals what they need – practical solutions that bridge the gap between knowledge and experience while providing a huge dose of motivation.


As consultants from some of the worlds' most respected talent consultancies, we had seen all the trends come and go.  We had also seen what had worked and when an organisation gets its leadership and talent development right, the almost immeasurable business improvements and return on investment.


JMG is all about doing things a little bit differently and helping businesses develop their people in a meaningful way that will sustain individual development plans and drive your talent pipeline.

Working with JMG


Leadership and talent development is changing. Many industries are experiencing disruption, with new models of work emerging to replace traditional practice, driven by technology, opportunity and new thinking. For the most part, consultancies working in this arena have remained the same with little differentiation between one provider and another, other than branding.
When JMG was created we wanted to be different, to act differently and to make a difference.  We wanted to build a business that had it’s foundations in solid knowledge and experience of what makes a great business leader while being relevant and viable in today’s connected world.
Our team is made up of professionals who are not only experts in their fields but have the passion and drive to succeed in todays ever-changing market landscape.  A landscape where leadership and talent development is at the forefront of the battle to remain competitive, drive innovation and sustain growth.
As a team we are also not afraid to battle, to keep learning and keep evolving to ensure we do the right thing for our clients.  But the truth is we love what we do and we know our clients love what we do too...

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